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Attendance Policies

If a child arrives AFTER 11:30AM OR LEAVES before 11:30AM, they will be counted absent for the day.
When a student is absent, a written excuse from a parent or physician is to be sent to school.  Excused absences are student illnesses, family deaths, religious observances and pre-approved educational field trips.  Unexcused absences are skipping school, trips not cleared by the principal ahead of time, oversleeping, missed bus, etc.  According to the Stanly County Schools policy: promotion to the next grade requires student absences NOT to exceed 16 days during the school year.
The tardy bell at Millingport School rings at 8:05AM.  Students who accumulate their 4th unlawful tardy to school will result in the child being ineligible to receive a perfect attendance award at the end of the school year.  Beginning at the 4th tardy during each nine week grading period, students will be assigned after school detention.  Detention will be assigned  for each occurrence, thereafter.  Failure to report to detention will result in assignment to ISS (In-School Suspension) or OSS (Out of School Suspension).  
Lawful Tardies:  doctor's appointments, funerals
Unlawful Tardies: overslept, missed bus, car trouble
Early Dismissals:
We ask that students not leave school unless in the event of an emergency.  Attendance is most important and appointments should be made after school hours.  Reminder: ONLY the child or children with the appointment will be given an EXCUSED early departure. Beginning with the 4th unexcused early departure during a school year, a student will be assigned to after-school detention.  Failure to report to detention will result in the assignment to ISS (In-School Suspension) or OSS (Out of School Suspension).